Part L2 & UKAS Accreditation

Checkmate and compliance with Building Regulations 2000 Part L2

Checkmate and compliance with Building Regulations 2000 Part L2

Checkmate Fire are a specialist passive fire protection and air sealing contractor. For L2 compliance work we offer a flexible menu of services in order to ensure a building will achieve the required standard of air tightness.

We work closely with the UKAS Accredited Wintech Engineering Ltd, who will ultimately test and certify the building to prove compliance. This benefits the main contractor by reducing the cost of testing (re-testing) and as a consequence minimising the potential difficulty in meeting performance.

Work can be approached in two main formats:

  1. We can manage the whole project, including arranging test, undertaken by Wintech Engineering Ltd who are an impartial 3rd party UKAS Accredited air-leakage consultancy.
  2. We can work alongside the Consultants, who are being independently employed, to ensure high performance efficiency.

Format 1 can be very cost effective as much of the preparation work for compliance, including envelope area calculations taken from site drawings, can often be undertaken by us as a free service in order to secure the required air sealing work.

In any format we would recommend our involvement at an early stage of the project to ensure that all air sealing issues are addressed in a logical sequence and not left until the finishing stage, when remedial work can prove to be both expensive and disruptive.

Our normal approach is to initially attend site and meet relevant site personnel to discuss the scope of works, when we can provide a free outline of our proposals. These would include how we are able to reduce Consultancy costs by using our expertise, addressing issues such as required access to facilitate testing, and various enabling works such as TM23 approved temporary sealing of ventilation. Direct communication with the Consultants on such issues will often result in the Consultancy not having to attend site prior to the test, without compromising compliance.