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Fire Door Inspection in a hospital

Dynamically captures the essential details and condition of each door, creating a database for future ongoing inspections. Areas of non compliance are visually highlighted in a way that allows organisations to prioritise maintenance activity and expenditure, useful in times of budget constraints, whilst demonstrating an understanding of the nature and scale of the problem.

Creates a door schedule, as required by RRO, and records the history of each door to provide information for analysis, both in terms of fire compliance and ongoing remedial cost.

A unique system that allows a robust and highly cost-effective maintenance plan to be developed and managed by all internal stakeholders FOR THE LIFE OF THE BUILDING so that fire compliance can be not only achieved but also maintained and recorded to satisfy Fire Service Enforcement Officers, Building Control and other external bodies.

Provides a unique reference for each door set, which, together with location plans, encourages the physical numbering of doors to assist in their identification and long-term cost-effective maintenance.

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Checkmate offer a range of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) options tailored to client requirements and to meet legal obligation under the RRO.

Planned preventitive maintenance for fire doors from Checkmate Fire

Unlike any other item of fire safety equipment installed in our buildings, fire doors are often subject to high levels of use which make them especially vulnerable to the effects of wear and tear. Add to this the potential for damage, either accidental or deliberate.

On-going Inspection

As a vital element in the overall fire strategy of a building, it is essential that fire doors are managed and maintained to ensure that they can perform as expected in the event of a fire.

Fire Door Surveys UK

In our Rogues Gallery you can view just a few of the many examples identified by our surveyors of the consequences of not inspecting and maintaining fire doors adequately.

Case Study

Fire door surveys and compliance at St Marys Hospital on the Isle of Wight
Using the FiredoorCheck™ System, Checkmate Fire Compliance carried out a complete audit of the Fire Doors at St Mary's Hospital, Isle of Wight.

Fire compartmentation was holistically co-ordinated to match the overall fire strategy of the building. As a result, large cost savings were realised, as it was found that approximately 500 fire doors were not on a fire line and did not need, year on year, assessing, auditing or maintaining in a fire compliant state.

"FiredoorCheck™ has helped us achieve both fire compliance and efficiency savings in a practical, cost-effective manner".

Martin Keightley, St Mary's Hospital Fire Safety Manager

ASFP - Fire Doors Video


This video explains the vital role played by fire doors in holding back flames and smoke during a fire and describes the typical features that should be considered when checking that a door is correctly installed and maintained.