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Checkmate’s ‘Fire Compliance’ Division helps organisations to achieve passive fire protection compliance. The services offered range from formulating specifications at the design stage to inspections at completion. In existing buildings we can assist with a menu of services that include the creation of fire strategy drawings, inspection of fire walls and fire doors and the air leakage testing of rooms or areas where airtightness of the structure is a critical requirement for life safety, property protection or business continuity.

Fire Door CHECKmaterix™
Fire door compliance is a major issue and is a great concern to a number of organisations and individuals. To help clarify some of the issues regarding specifications and frequency of inspection, Checkmate Fire have created the Fire Door CHECKmaterix™ which enables various stakeholders to categorise doors in terms of usage and level of critical importance to the safety of the building. More details of Fire Door CHECKmaterix™ >


Fire Compliance Surveys & Reports

Fire Compliance Surveys

To meet the legal requirements of the RRO, building owners and occupiers must ensure that the fire compartmentation in their buildings is robust and being adequately managed and maintained. To satisfy this need Checkmate offers a range of Compliance Survey and Reports tailored to the client’s unique circumstance and priorities. Surveys are increasingly using latest real-time technology to enhance levels of accuracy and meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Fire Door Inspections

Firedoor Inspections

To fulfil the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, Checkmate have created a new product called FiredoorCheck™; a unique system to evaluate the condition of a fire door set.

This unique system creates a door schedule, as required by RRO, and records the history of each door to provide information for analysis, both in terms of fire compliance and ongoing remedial cost.

For consultation and an outline fire door survey call: 01484 721154

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Fire Door & Passive Fire Specification Consultancy

Fire Door & Passive Fire Specification Consultancy

Checkmate are becoming increasingly involved in assisting organisations with passive fire and fire door specifications for cost effective compliance with Building Regulation 7. Building Regulation 7 is a legal requirement; clients and specifiers must ensure that: “building work shall be carried out with adequate and proper materials which are appropriate for the circumstances in which they are used”.

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Passive Fire Protection Training and Seminars

Checkmate provide a range of training modules, often as part of a comprehensive action plan and service package, tailored to meet a clients specific needs in the delivery of overall Fire Compliance. Such modules either holistic or stand alone, cover subjects such as fire door inspection and responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.

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Air Leakage Testing

Air Leakage Testing and Sealing

Checkmate’s air sealing expertise has been gained from the successful sealing of numerous Comms Rooms and other areas of strategic importance over many years, both working for clients direct and for Active Fire Protection companies, most notably FDSA Fire Protection, G&D Fire Protection and Vigilaris.

Since 2002, this expertise has been used to seal envelope buildings to help meet the air leakage and energy conservation requirements of Building Regulations L2. In 2005, Checkmate entered into a partnership agreement with Wintech Engineering, one of the UK’s leading UKAS Accredited air leakage consultants, to provide a complete air sealing and testing package to clients.

Steve Bramhill, Wintech Director of On-site Services states:

“In order for Wintech Engineering to offer a competitive, fully comprehensive service to its customers we have chosen to partner with Checkmate Fire, whose ethos for quality, flexibility and value is in line with our own.”

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Cross Contamination Testing in Hospitals

Cross Contamination Testing in Hospitals

In addition to fire and airsealing walls in hospitals to prevent the unchecked spread of fire and smoke, the sealing of compartment and sub-compartment walls provides the added benefit of arresting cross contamination within areas of a hospital.

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Gulf Activities

Passive fire protection in the Arabian Gulf

Checkmate Fire providing LIFE SAFETY and PROTECTION TO BUSINESS CONTINUITY throughout the GULF.

Checkmate Fire are a UK specialist passive fire protection company providing a professionally managed, cost-effective quality menu of services. As the first company in the Gulf to be registered under the LPCB Passive Fire Protection Installer Scheme, we are uniquely positioned to provide total fire compliance in new and existing buildings.

Projects and clients in the Gulf include: Jumeirah (Burj Al Arab, The Emirates Towers,The Madinat Complex), Sharjah Airport, the new Arcapita Bank Headquarters, Al DurPower Plant, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Metro, Electroman, Du Telecom, BCL, Dubal, Alstom, The Fujairah Pipeline and Carrefour.

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