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Air Sealing Specialists in the UK
Checkmate's air sealing expertise has been gained from the successful sealing of numerous Comms Rooms and other areas of strategic importance over many years, both working for clients direct and for active fire protection companies such as ADT, G&D, Vigilaris and Firetec. Unless such rooms are adequately sealed to provide gas retention, high pressure gas systems cannot be guaranteed to work when called upon.

Since 2002 this expertise has been used to seal building 'envelopes' to help meet the air leakage and energy conservation requirements of Building Regulations L2.

Case Study

Checkmate sealed a very difficult and problematic room for Interflora at their Lincolnshire Head Office. Previous attempts by others, involving the use of low density foil covered mineral wool board in combination with expansion foam had proved to be unsuccessful. Upon successful completion of the work we were pleased to receive the following note of thanks:

"Just sending a belated thanks for the completed work, which was extremely diligent and effective. From a starting point of 2.4 minutes you achieved a retention time of 11.1 minutes, something I thought would not be possible. Needless to say I would have no hesitation in recommending you for similar work; thanks again for all your help".

Alister Clark, Facilities Manager, Interflora